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Day 472: And she was, Talking Heads

Another classic from the band Talking Heads. I must confess I am getting writing fatigue as I never thought this covid nightmare would continue on and on and on and on.. Therefore best just to enjoy the music. The video... View Article

Day 412: Russians, Sting

This song I guess is a bit dated now, but it captures the nervousness of a potential nuclear war that hovered over all us during the cold war. As someone who loves lyrics this song certainly is a good example... View Article

Day 393: Death Defying, Hoodoo Gurus

The dark theme of Lana Del Rey’s song Chemtrails over the country club reminded me of this Aussie classic by Hoodoo Gurus. A really rocky song with the rather dark chorus: “All my friends are dead or they’re dying and... View Article

Day 302: Road to nowhere, Talking Heads

Time for another song from Talking Heads. Perhaps in the covid year of 2020 many felt like life was in some sort of suspended animation as everything appeared to be put in hold. Obviously we had hoped that life would... View Article

Day 131: If you love someone, set them free, Sting

After all the letters Sting received from couples saying how “Every Breath you take” was such a romantic song that captured the dynamics of their relationship Sting apparently in dismay exclaimed “why do people misunderstand my bloody music?”. In order... View Article

Day 28: Bittersweet, Hoodoo Gurus

“You are my sword your love is its own reward…“ PS Take some ear defenders if you see these guys in concert they record and play very loudly!For you Simon Beard