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Day 471: Come as you are, Nirvana

Time for another Nirvana hit. I think the most distinctive thing about this song is the base riff. Nirvana always remind me of my early days in Manchester all the way back in the ’90s. In those days I was... View Article

Day 446: You’re no son of mine, Genesis

This song get’s my vote for its musical and lyrical intensity. A very moving song about a very sad subject of the permanent breakdown of a father and son’s relationship laced with permanent unforgiveness on the part of the father.

Day 312: Jesus he knows me, Genesis

A very dark song by Genesis taking a very appropriate dig at the false prophets of Christianity that use the things of Jesus to make a shed load of money by conning the gullible out of their hard earned cash.... View Article

Day 255: November Rain, Guns N’ Roses

Time for some Gun’s and Roses? The story of this song is not fully evident until you watch the video until the very end but it involves “matches and dispatches” without the “hatches” ????.

Day 196: Learning to fly, Pink Floyd

This song is from Pink Floyd post Roger Waters. It comes from their Momentary lapse of reason album which I really think is a brilliant album and showed that the band was still able to produce rock and roll classics... View Article

Day 137: Smells like teen spirit, Nirvana

This song came out in the 90s when I was leading a young teenage group at Platt known as Pathfinders. On one weekend away all the guys had this playing on their walkmans (before the days of MP3 players). This... View Article

Day 136: Losing my Religion, REM

Another masterpiece by REM. I love the lines “Oh no I said too much, I haven’t said enough.” Yes there is something very true about these lines, especially in boy/girl relationships. Very strange video clip though with some interesting dancing... View Article