Day 386: Dreams, The Cranberries

What better way to open week 56 with a song from the Cranberries. I still feel a little sadness that Delores is no longer with us. Like Kate Bush, she had quite a unique a instantly recognisable voice.

Day 309: Runaway train, Soul Asylum

This is another song which captures the human condition for many quite nicely. It pictures life’s progression as being on a runaway train. I particularly like the chorus which goes: Runaway train never going backWrong way on a one way trackSeems like I should be getting somewhereSomehow I’m neither here nor there Another sad touch …

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Day 182: Creep, Radiohead

A dark song from Radiohead. To me the meaning of this song is ambiguous. I guess the simple interpretation is that he thinks he is a creep as he looks upon the woman he loves who he knows he is totally unworthy of. Yet another interpretation is one of deep sarcasm where he is processing …

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Day 82: Zombie, The Cranberries

Again I was so sad when I heard Dolores passed away. Too many great musicians die too young. I guess it is those with tortured souls who produce the best music.

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