Day 450: Parklife, Blur

This has to be one of the most English bands of all time. Their accents are just so distinctive with their “Lundeners”-type shrill. Like Madness, this band produces songs with a comical feel to them. Realistically Blur should have made an appearance on Covid Island Discs before the final week.

Day 284: All I want for Christmas is you, Mariah Carey

A nice happy and I guess pretty popular Christmas song for that middling time between Christmas and New Year’s day when you feel like you have gained a few extra pounds and are beginning to wonder what next year will bring.

Day 189: Whatever, Oasis

I must confess I only half like Oasis, however, given I’m currently sharing Manchester bands and groups whose members are local to me, it can’t get much closer than Oasis who were born and bread in Burnage, the suburb of Manchester where I now live. Sadly Noel and Liam Gallagher are not particularly functional people …

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