Day 430: Thank U, Alanis Morissette

I think this is probably Alanis’ best song of all. I really love the musical progression and the intensity of the chorus especially where she jumps notes at the point “thank you 🎵 disillusionment”

Day 424: I don’t want to miss a thing, Aerosmith

This is the first appearance of Aerosmith in Covid Island Discs. This is probably one of their best known songs as it was also the hit single for the movie Armageddon. The official video here has scenes from that iconic film.

Day 357: Thank you, Dido

I think it is time for another Dido song. This one has Dido’s signature laid back percussion feel to it. The perfect song to unwind to after a hard day at work. The video to this song is also pretty clever.

Day 324: There’s your trouble, Dixie Chicks

Covid Island Discs the missing years 1998. So this song by the Dixie chicks back then they were known as “The Chicks” was released in 1998 so fills in on of my missing years. A nicely put together Country & Western song complete with a violin and a catchy boppy tune.

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