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Song 2: When you’re gone, Dolores O’Riordan

Another beautiful song that might make you feel a little melancholy on Good Friday 2022. I love this solo by Dolores and her absolutely incredible voice with that wonderful Irish accent. Sadly, the older you get the more death you... View Article

Day 417: This is Gospel, Panic at the Disco

So this is the second time Panic at the Disco has appeared in Covid Island Discs. This is Gospel is certainly quite an interesting song lyrically and Brendon’s voice is of course exceptional given his huge vocal range.

Day 206: Demons, Robert Vincent

I had the privilege of seeing Paul Kelly playing in a small pub in the northern quarter of Manchester. I took my daughter Grace to the concert and when we arrived I sat down in the serving area and got... View Article

Day 174: Ain’t no love, David Gray

Staying on a fairly dark theme I am afraid there are times when I can relate to this song. While intellectually I am a Christian and emotionally I shall never surrender my final hope in goodness ultimately triumphing over evil,... View Article

Day 109: Royals, Lorde

So many great female artists around at the moment. A song with interesting lyrics based on the class theme that certainly dominates British society.