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Week 14: Mastermind, Morecambe and Wise

So going back again into the early 70s here is another classic sketch from Morecambe and Wise. I must confess it is quite interesting looking back at the comedy of the seventies because it clearly demonstrates how humour is very generation and time specific. Morecambe and Wise were considered comic geniuses of their time but in some ways this sketch now appears almost quaint in its lack of parodic sophistication compared with more modern work that I have recently cited.

Of course as I have looked back at some of the old comics from the seventies, much of it would now be considered highly offensive. For example, there was a driving instructor sketch by Dick Emery which while it had some funny moments, also had moments that I would no longer find funny and which many would probably find offensive. To me this demonstrates how our sense of humour is deeply influenced by what our society considers to be inside the moral zeitgeist of acceptability for a particular generation.

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