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Week 31: Liv Truss Final Speech as Prime Minister, Nerine Skinner

So it has been a tumultuous week in British politics which has resulted in comedy sketches being released left, right and centre as the politician make a fool of themselves giving the comedians plenty of material that is often a little hard to parody. Nerine Skinner has been parodying Liz Truss now for some months so of course she was always going to release a spoof of Liz’s final speech as PM which of course was full of all the grace and humility you might expect from such a high calibre leader.

In the spirit of Private Eye’s “Separated from birth” section below I have placed Liz’s final speech under Liv’s final speech. You the reader will have to work out which is which.

Liz Truss Leaving Speech 25th of October 2022

Liv Struss Leaving Speech 25th of October 2022

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