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Week 35: Boys are always more popular when they are murdered, Diane Morgan

Diane Morgan plays a famous character in the UK comedy scene called Philomena Cunk. While searching for funny comedy sketches for this section of my website, I came across this Youtube video of her working her craft as a stand up comedian. One of the interesting things about stand up comedy, is that comedians definitely inject their own unique characters into their routines. It is clear from Cunk and Morgan’s routine in this little clip that she would be a person with an incredibly dry wit which completely permeates her whole character.

In fact, to give you a feel of Diane in a real life situation, I have also included this interview of her with her director Charlie Brooker. It is clear from some of the statements that Charlie makes, that he really doesn’t have the first idea of what makes Diane tick. Sixteen minutes into this video Brooker says “Philomena is sort of on some unknowable level like or horse or something…It’s hard to know what her inner life is or is that just me” To which Diane replies: I wouldn’t say it was an absence of character”

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