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Week 5: Tim Nice-but-Dim, Harry Enfield

There is an interesting back story to this character which I discovered when I saw an interview with the great Ian Hislop of Private Eye and Have I got News for you fame. The wikipedia entry for Harry Enfield and... View Article

Week 4: Boris Johnson is a liar, Jonathan Pie

We now move onto a slightly different genre of comedy sketches with this recent sketch by the comedian Tom Walker who has created a fictional character Jonathan Pie. Walker created his character by imagining what professional journalists might really think... View Article

Week 3: What’s My Job, Armstrong and Miller

Here is a really funny sketch from Armstrong and Millar. Anyone who has spent hours on flights for their business or employer will relate to this little sketch. A nice dig at high powered business folk who spend their work... View Article

Week 2: Mr Bean Compilation, Rowen Atkinson

So working through the comedians in the comedy picture spread above, Rowen Atkinson’s famous comedy creation Mr Bean always brings a laugh to most people. Apparently Bean is popular even without translation in other languages because his humour is so... View Article

Week 1: Several Sketches by Dave Allen

So let’s begin our collection with some old comedy from the late great Dave Allen. This video are a set of short sketches Allen did which used to appear between his comedy monologues. Some of the short sketches in this... View Article