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Week 9: The Beatles, Morecambe and Wise

This clip combines one of the most naturally funny comedy duos with one of the greatest rock bands to ever grace our planet. Unfortunately, the footage is restored and quite old as it was filmed in 1963. However, it is... View Article

Week 8: 40 – 45 Years, Harry and Paul

Another funny sketch from Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse. In this series part of the charm of this humour was simply capturing the odd characteristics of certain iconic characters that exist in every generation in this strange world we all... View Article

Week 7: Doctors Scene 4, Harry and Paul

A common joke that does the round at medical school is: “What’s the difference between God and a medical student?” Answer: “God doesn’t think he is a medical student!”. In many ways, this sketch reminds me of this joke although... View Article