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Week 43: Striding Man – Fired, Armstrong & Miller

So last week I posted a compilation of sketches by Armstrong and Miller which captured the sometimes strange dynamics that occur in “high powered” workplaces full of alpha male (and sometimes female) middle managers and their underlings all vying for... View Article

Week 42: Information, Armstrong and Millar

This compilation of sketches parodies certain modern work environments where everyone competes for patronage from the alpha male that occupies some senior position in their company. As with so many workplaces, there is always the poor Declan who never can... View Article

Week 13: Career Skills, Armstrong and Miller

Once again this sketch is a classic from the Armstrong and Miller series. Quick tip for those who are considering how to conduct a job interview. When your prospective employer asks you what do you see are your faults make... View Article

Week 3: What’s My Job, Armstrong and Miller

Here is a really funny sketch from Armstrong and Millar. Anyone who has spent hours on flights for their business or employer will relate to this little sketch. A nice dig at high powered business folk who spend their work... View Article