Armstrong and Miller

Week 49: Happy Couples, Armstrong and Miller

A nice little thematic compilation of sketches by Armstrong and Miller exploring the age old dynamics (fluid or turbulent?) of couples. Some quite funny punch lines in this set.

Week 46: Enlightenment – The little flowers, Armstrong and Miller

Time for another sketch from Armstrong and Miller. In their comedy series, they developed thematic sketches and one of their themes was the hapless educational historian who examines “priceless” historical artefacts only to accidentally destroy them through some odd mishap. A very simple but effective comedic theme.

Week 3: What’s My Job, Armstrong and Miller

Here is a really funny sketch from Armstrong and Millar. Anyone who has spent hours on flights for their business or employer will relate to this little sketch. A nice dig at high powered business folk who spend their work hours presenting other colleague’s work.

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