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Day 442: Close to You, The Carpenters

Covid Island Discs is finally drawing to a close. In theory the last of the Covid-19 restrictions in the UK will be removed on the 21st of June 2021. Whether we will stay out of restrictions beyond the 21st is anyone’s guess given the Indian variant of the virus is rapidly becoming the dominate form in the UK and so might lead sadly to a third wave. I guess ultimately it will all depend on how effective the vaccines are against this new variant and how many people in the population have been vaccinated.

Therefore there is now only 2 full week’s left until the 21st of June so we are into the final 14 songs. So I could not possibly finish Covid Island Discs without another song from Karen Carpenter. She truly had such an incredibly beautiful voice and whenever I hear one of her songs I always feel a little melancholic because of her own tragic battle with anorexia nervosa which sadly she lost many years ago now.

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