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Day 314: Connected, Stereo MC’s

So this song is firmly attached to my first job after moving from Sydney to Manchester. At the time I was working as a PhD student in the Manchester University Stopford building (an incredibly ugly building very typical of late 1960s architecture). At the time, there was a young girl there called Juliet who was a bit of a goth. As we both worked away in a small tissue culture lab occupying adjacent class II containment cabinets, this song would often come on the radio and when it did she would often get up from her chair and cool-dance across to a culture bath to pick up her cells or whatever other tissue culture product she was incubating at 37°C.

Before we parted ways, we both ended up doing a parachute jump together which obviously is also a very distinct memory as let’s face it, no-one forgets jumping out of plane, not even someone with a memory as bad as mine ????. One final thing about Juliet is she underwent a complete character change within a few short years transforming from a goth-like rocker to a very conservative Radio 4 listener who spent her also became a bit of an exercise fanatic. This was kind of unfortunate because she underwent this character metamorphosis while dating a guy in the lab who definitely matched her character when they first started going out but not by the time they parted company. So many interesting memories for me there!

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