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Day 6: Wow by Kate Bush

I was a clumsy child. My life nearly ended as a toddler when I fell into a swimming pool and all but drowned to the point of being clinically dead. Then in 1978 I managed to get hit by a car in the UK and ended up in hospital with a broken pelvis for 6 weeks (only a very minor hairline fracture I might add). As a 12 year old just getting my first pulse of teenage hormones, I remember falling in love with all the nurses that cared for me. I still have such a clear image of them making the beds in the morning while the radio blasted out the two big hits at the time. The first was the song Wow by Kate Bush (another entertainer who had lots of teenage male fans not just because she produced amazing music). The second song? You’ll find out tomorrow but I guarantee you will never guess it.

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If you click on the Playlist Video for Week 1 (top right of this page) you will be taken to a single video which allows you to play each song in this week's list one after the other. Alternatively, if you watch my own video summary below of this week's songs at the end of the video two playlist links will appear. The one on the left hand side will take you to the video playlist for this week while the one on the right will take you to a single video playlist that allows you to play the complete Covid Island Discs collection for all the currently completed weeks so far — well over 200 songs and counting!

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