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Day 9: Live and Let Die by Paul McCartney.

So I’m trying to thread my songs together. The link went two songs while I was in hospital, the second was a George Harrison song (Covid Island Disc 7) and this naturally led to the Beatles yesterday (I mean yesterday’s Covid Island disc not the Beatles song Yesterday). So today I will share my favourite Paul McCartney song and tomorrow I shall share an iconic John Lennon song (sorry poor old Ringo get’s left out).

Live and Let Die is a great song to listen to if you are skiing. The orchestral intense bits are great when you hit the moguls while the more gentle bits are good for wide sweeping turns on smooth pistes. Thus, to get this song to work while skiing, you need to select at slope that is a mixture of both. Enjoy the pyrotechnics!

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If you click on the Playlist Video for Week 2 (top right of this page) you will be taken to a single video which allows you to play each song in this week's list one after the other. Alternatively, if you watch my own video summary below of this week's songs at the end of the video two playlist links will appear. The one on the left hand side will take you to the video playlist for this week while the one on the right will take you to a single video playlist that allows you to play the complete Covid Island Discs collection for all the currently completed weeks so far — well over 200 songs and counting!

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