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Day 154: Knowing me, knowing you, Abba

In the original Covid Island Discs that I published on Facebook, I ended the series at week 11 with the Abba song “thank you for the music” which summarises how I feel about this amazing gift God has given us. Abba was one of those groups that for many became associated with more teeny bopper culture but while their genre was more pop than rock, they really did produce some incredible tunes and this one certainly deserves to be included in my Covid Island Disc collection.

I guess the other disconcerting thing about this tune is that in real life Benny was married to Frida and Bjorn was married to Agnetha and both couples split up around the time they released this song, which ultimately brought Abba to an end. It is almost as though this song is the musical version of their final agreement to part ways.

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