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Day 77: Thank You For The Music, Abba

Yes I know some people (here’s looking at you Stuart McDonald) will go what?? I have to admit my musical tastes are very broad partly because there are many components of music which I respond to. One important component for me is lyrics and this song really does summarise all my gratitude in what I think is one of God’s greatest gifts to humanity (if you don’t believe in God then just substitute the luck of evolution) and that is music. Music has bought so much joy to my life and that is why I embarked on Covid Island discs to share some of the songs that I have enjoyed listening to over the years.

Admittedly, I got a little distracted along the way with songs that felt appropriate for some of the events that have occurred this year whether that be my wedding anniversary, Easter or the dystopian feel of the UK and US governments. Perhaps all three 1984 songs in a row from David Bowie’s Diamond Dogs album was overdoing it?

However, that is also the wonder of music. There is almost a song for every possible situation in which we find ourselves; whether good or bad. And so with this final song I bring my Covid Island discs to an end on Facebook although I continued the posts on my website well into 2021.

PS: as a child I absolutely loved Abba and desperately hoped I would win a competition to meet them in person as I had a child crush on Frida. I did get to see them with my Dad in concert although our tickets were near the back of the Sydney showground so could hardly see them (days before the big screens).

PPS: Listen to the song, you might be surprised just how much you enjoy it.

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