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Day 382: It’s a long way there, Little River Band

So poor old Little River band has thus far only be cited once in Covid Island Discs and that was all the way back in April 2020 when it was my 20th wedding anniversary. The song I cited that day was Happy Anniversary Baby which I must confess is not what I would call one of their best songs. This song however was the opening track on their debut self-titled album “Little River Band” and is a great little number. This particular version of the song is sadly a little truncated by a radio interview of the band at the end of the video clip. However, the radio interview brings back an interesting childhood memory for me which involved my older brother using this song and wiring up our Dad’s sound system so it could play music down the telephone line. He then rang random sydneysiders and pretended to be a disc jocky telling them they had won a prize if they could just answer an LRB-related question. Can’t remember if many of those we called fell for his trick now but I remember I found it hilariously funny at the time.

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