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Day 282: Little Drummer Boy (Peace on Earth) David Bowie & Bing Crosby

This is such an utterly bizarre video in my opinion and well worth watching if you’ve never seen it. Who would have guessed that two very accomplished and famous musicians from opposite ends of the musical spectrum and from different generations would one day come together to produce this Christmas song. Like Bowie’s reference to Lennon being “an old fella”. Watching this now brings a little sadness to my heart knowing that both of them are no longer with us.

Update 31/10/2022: Unfortunately the original video posted here was taken off Youtube due to a copyright claim from Bing Crosby’s estate. I have therefore had to replace it with a video that is of much lower quality but at least it has been on Youtube for 11 years so most likely will not be removed in the near future.

Christmas Day 2022: Well it got taken down a 2nd time which is kind of odd given I would not think the major music companies would be so precious about stopping this song being played on social media but there you go. Anyway, I have updated the link once again and we will have to wait to see how long this time the link stays live.

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