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Day 315: Lola, The Kinks

Can’t believe I haven’t published this song yet in Covid Island Discs. An absolute rock and roll classic from a great English band who up until now, have been completely left out of my Covid Island Discs collection. An interesting bit of trivia about this song is that the line where you drink champagne and it tastes just like cherry cola was originally (and unsurprisingly) meant to be where you drink champagne and it tastes just like coco-cola.

The band had to change that line because of trademark issues around using the registered name “coco-cola” in their hit song. Not sure if this was down to an objection by the actual coco-cola company or simply due to some overly nervous lawyer inside their record company, but either way, I would have thought that if they had of used the coke brand in their song, it would have been great free advertising for the coco-cola drink. Having said all that, the song does sound better with the iconic line “cherry cola” rather than “coco-cola” so the overall legal force on the crafting of this tune was positive.

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