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Day 360: My Sweet Lord, George Harrison

Countdown to the year anniversary of Covid Island Discs T -7

Well we’ve made it to week 52 of Covid Island discs and coming up to the anniversary of when the UK first went into lockdown. I have decided that the songs of the final seven days of Covid Island Discs will consist of the same bands as the first week of Covid Island Discs working back in reverse order from day 7 to day 1. So on Day 7 of Covid Island Discs which was on the 27th of March 2020 the song cited was Blow Away by George Harrison. This was cited as part of childhood memory I had in relation to convalescing in a UK hospital after being hit by a car (covered in Covid Island Discs Day 6). However, probably George’s most famous song was “My Sweet Lord”. I particularly like the acoustic and lead guitars in the song. I guess the Hare Krishan chant also finds its musicality in this Harrison classic.

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