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Song 3: Silent Night, Sinéad O’Conner

Just learned the sad news that Sinéad O’Conner has passed away. I remember a few years before Covid struck I read a very sad social media exchange where clearly the singer was suffering terribly with some form of mental anguish. Whether her mental struggles finally claimed her, is anyone’s guess but like so many very talented musicians she did not make it to old age. Of course I have already cited Nothing compares to you all the way back in week 12 (day 81) of my original Covid Island Discs.

Going back to Youtube to find other music she published I came across two songs both directly related to Christianity so I wonder now if she did have a faith in Jesus. If so, I hope now he is wiping every tear from her eyes.

Rest In Peace and Goodnight Sinéad.

The first song below is Silent Night and is rather haunting to listen to on the day of her passing. The second song Something Beautiful is from her album theology also a song related to God’s promise to his chosen people that he cannot forget them or cease to love them.

Silent Night

Something Beautiful

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