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Song 3: Nobody told me, John Lennon

So today I have been watching the news and a Youtube commentary by a Russian intellect on understanding what is driving Putin’s insane war with Ukraine. In relation to Russia and how this great nation sees herself, she is like a charging horse that is trying to get somewhere but no-one knows where that destination actually is. Then the current UK political and economic crisis came to mind along with the seismic shift in traditional ethics that drives the 21st century culture wars.

I was saying to friend how disorientating everything feels in late May of 2022. As I said this, it reminded me of a song by the late great John Lennon and I wondered what this rather eccentric yet genius-gifted musician would make of it all if he was still alive today. If he thought the late 1970s were odd, he would be apoplectic living in the 21st century. I did not realise this song was not released until 1984 over 3 years after his tragic assassination in 1980.

Analysis of why Russia starts insane wars by Vlad Vexler

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