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Song 4: The Dogs Of War, Pink Floyd

So post Covid Island Discs normally consists of occasional reports that act as memoranda to famous musicians who have passed away. Yet every day of course many people lose their lives in tragic circumstances. A few days back I learned about the death of a friend from breast cancer and of course at the time of writing we are witnessing the deaths of many innocent people in Gaza: both innocent Jews and Palestinians who are the victims of the dogs of war. I remember in the 80s seeing this song performed live by Gilmour in the Sydney Entertainment Centre with my great friend Simon. One of the best concerts I ever experienced and I have certainly been blessed to experience many great concerts.

What are the dogs of war? Those ideologues who justify the murder of innocent people in the name of some political cause. In this sense Pink Floyd on their album A Momentary Lapse of Reason, were spot on in their diagnosis of an age-old problem that seems to continually plague humanity.

In relation to the whole Palestine/Jewish question, this is by far the best analysis of the situation I have seen on Youtube.

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