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Day 455: The fool on the hill, The Beatles

The day John Lennon was assassinated I came home from school and my Mum told me the news as I came through the front door of our house in Gurney Crescent Seaforth. At the time I actually did not know much about the Beatles but this was all to change as over the following months Sydney radio stations were full of Beatles music. As I got to know their music better, I began collecting some of their albums and one album I bought was a compilation called the Beatles Ballets. This was one of the tracks on this album and at the time I think it became one of my favourite Beatle songs. Unfortunately, I could not find the original recording of “The Fool on the Hill” on Youtube so the best I could do was get this performance of the tune from Paul McCartney which is pretty decent.

Now this was originally meant to be the final Covid Island Discs song as the UK was scheduled to come out of lockdown on the 21st of June. However, due to the UK government not shutting down travel from India, as post Brexit they wanted to get a quick trade deal with this nation, we now have the Indian delta variant spreading rapidly through the UK population. This means that the government announced on the 14th of June that they are delaying the removal of lockdown restrictions until the 19th of July. So I will continued posting on this web page new songs for another month.

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