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Week 62 Video Playlist

So there were some very visually interesting videos this week. Probably the top three that are worth looking at are:

  • Life for rent by Dido
  • Wrapped around your finger by the Police
  • Thank U by Alanis Morissette

I think out of those three probably the most bizarre is Alanis’s video which has her completely naked sitting in various public places singing her song. The Wrapped around your finger video is also pretty cool with Sting tipping over hundreds of single candles in tall candle holders. Finally, Dido’s video is also visually inspiring especially towards the end of the video when she too starts throwing vases of flowers around smashing them against a bare wall.

If you hover your mouse over the top right of this video window, you will see a button. Clicking on this icon will bring up the full play list of videos and you can scroll down to select whichever one you to play.

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