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Week 65 Video Playlist Summary

So this was meant to be the last week of Covid Island Discs but sadly the government has delayed the final relaxation of lockdown restrictions due to the delta variant of Covid-19 which is currently spreading rapidly in the UK population.

The two videos I recommend watching this week is “Park life” by Blur and “Twilight” from ELO with the latter video getting my vote for best video of the week. I can’t quite decide if this is because the music itself is so spacey or if the visuals are also quite attractive to watch as you see a full orchestra perform this amazing rock technofunk piece of music. While the ELO video has some great lighting effects, the Park life video is much more down to earth and has a comical feel to match the lyrics of the song.

If you hover your mouse over the top right of this video window, you will see a button. Clicking on this icon will bring up the full play list of videos and you can scroll down to select whichever one you to play.

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