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Day 391 (21st Wedding Anniversary): We’ve only just begun, The Carpenters

OK so this time last year I shared the song for my twentieth wedding anniversary which was Day 26: Happy Anniversary Baby by the Little River Band. Couldn’t think of another anniversary theme song so went for the next best thing a song that has been played at many a wedding and that is this Carpenter’s classic “We’ve only just begun”. Although this song is perhaps a little sickly sweet, as always I am always blown away but Karen’s angelic voice. In some ways, this song is kind of unusual because, being in a minor key, it actually sound a little melancholic for a tune that is celebrating marriage.

I guess my learning experience from my wedding day is just how fast 21 years goes; seemingly in the blink of an eyelid. Anyway, thank you my dear Helen for looking after me and putting up with my shenanigans for 21 years. It has been an interesting, sometimes fun, sometimes sad and sometimes scary journey with you as we have both experienced the things God has ordained for us during our married yearsπŸ’ž.

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