God and Science

God and Science Lecture 3

This is the final lecture of my God and science series which starts by looking at how the second law of thermodynamics can be used as a clever defence for new atheism and ends with a careful modern examination of the Bible verse Romans 1:20: “God’s invisible qualities have been seen clearly in what is made”

God and Science Lecture 2

This is the second lecture of my 3 part series which explores how strong the case for new atheism actually is based on our modern scientific understanding of the universe. In this second lecture, I take a journey down the reductionistic highway from the immune system right down to fundamental particles.

Emergence Theory

The video presented on this page shows just how strange modern physics can become when one is desperate to throw out any concept that the universe may in fact be the product of another intelligent agent. This Youtube video is cited in Chapter 11 of my book The Wormwood deceptions.

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