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Day 77: Thank You For The Music, Abba

Yes I know some people (here’s looking at you Stuart McDonald) will go what?? I have to admit my musical tastes are very broad partly because there are many components of music which I respond to. One important component for... View Article

Day 76: Deeper Water, Paul Kelly

So completed my first swim since lockdown without a wetsuit so quite cold. Two people from Platt were also there John Boley (Sarah Boley) and Rachel Watson. Was good to see some church folk in 3D for once although sad... View Article

Day 74: Four Dead in Ohio

Once again the depressing news cycle makes me break out of my 21st century music theme. This Neil Young protest song seems oddly appropriate this evening as it captures the story of the murder of four college students and the... View Article

Day 73: Talk of the town by Kate Walsh

This lady has such a beautiful voice. I also attach a live version of this song which was recorded probably on someone’s mobile at a small concert she gave just to say how faithfully she can reproduce her sound outside... View Article