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Day 126: Baby can I hold you, Tracey Chapman

I remember exactly where I was when I heard Tracey Chapman’s first hit. It was my final honours year at Sydney University and it was in the afternoon. I was downstairs in the Anderson Stuart building working on dissecting some... View Article

Day 125: Money, Pink Floyd

Staying on Shania’s money theme, I wonder if she got the start of her Ka-ching song from this all time Pink Floyd classic?

Day 124: Ka-Ching! Shania Twain

“All we ever want is more, a lot more than we had before, so take me to the nearest store.” The character of the modern age. The beginning of this song always sounds like the same sound effect sequence used... View Article

Day 120: Girl’s just want to have fun, Cyndi Lauper

So this is another song from my University days. The mid-80s was a great time for pop/rock music in my opinion. Correction just googled and it was actually 83 so I was actually still at school. Time goes too quickly!