Week 20

1st — 7th of August 2020

Day 140: Old Man, Neil Young

Love playing this song on my guitar. Remember first seeing this clip back in ’93 when I was sharing a flat in Manchester with a group of university students. Those were the days of video recorders so I recorded the BBC show and held onto the video tape long after my video player died. Finally …

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Day 138: Jumpsuit, Twenty-one Pilots

So my daughter Grace also loves music and is starting to develop who own set of bands that she follows and loves. One of her favourite bands in twenty-one pilots and last year I had the pleasure of taking her to a twenty-one pilots concert. This is the song they opened the concert with.

Day 136: Losing my Religion, REM

Another masterpiece by REM. I love the lines “Oh no I said too much, I haven’t said enough.” Yes there is something very true about these lines, especially in boy/girl relationships. Very strange video clip though with some interesting dancing by Michael Stipe. ????

Day 135: Pinball Wizard

OK so yesterday I mentioned the song the pinball wizard which in the musical Tommy was performed by Elton John (see yesterday’s post). However, this is the Who’s version of the same song with Roger Daltrey singing. Of course in the musical Tommy (where this song comes from) Roger Daltrey plays Tommy the pinball wizard …

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Day 134: Daniel, Elton John

Time for some more Elton John. This song reminds me of a holiday we had when I was about 5 years old at the Hydro Majestic in the Blue mountains, Australia. In that hotel there was a jukebox and this was one of the songs that you could select. My brother Mark and I used …

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