Week 24

29th of August — 4th of September 2020

Day 168: Mr Rock & Roll, Amy MacDonald

I really like this woman’s voice. I guess this song captures the concept of a love that never was and never can be. Reminds me of another song yet it is so bad I am not going to share it. Can anyone guess which one I am thinking about?

Day 167: Slipping Away, Max Merritt

Time once again to go back to the early seventies. I remember this tune being on the radio as a very young child. Sadly the video and sound quality of this clip is pretty bad. However, it is a very pretty song. Video with better audio quality

Day 164: She has no time, Keane

I thought this song was about a broken relationship but Thomas Chaplin actually introduces it by saying the song was written by his band mate about him because he was so bad at getting girls. However the original Youtube video that has this introduction has sadly been taken down by the original poster so I …

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Day 162: White Flag, Dido

So I thought this song was not about her but her brother who messed up a relationship. However I then found a live version of this song on Youtube where Dido seems to intimate that writing the song caused a major hassle in her life which suggests she did write it about a lost lover. …

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