Week 47

6th — 12th of February 2021

Day 329: Conundrum, Robert Vincent

Time for another song from this great little entertainer I met who was the lead act to a Paul Kelly concert that my daughter and I attended in the Northern Quarter or Manchester (see Covid Island Disc Day 206). Such a talented musician.

Day 327: Viva La Vida, Coldplay

Recently I watched a Youtube video about Coldplay which discussed why they lost their popularity in the naughties. This is the title song from their album Viva-la-vida; an album which did not do as well as their first set of albums such as Parachutes and X&Y. Yet I still think this is a quality song …

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Day 326: Magick, Ryan Adams

Covid Island Discs the Missing Years 2008 So today and tomorrow I am citing two songs that were published in 2008. This song by Ryan Adams is a classic heavy rock song which is just a great little song to listen to.

Day 325: Lights of Home, U2

Wow! So at the moment I am filling in missing years where I have no song in Covid Island discs that were published for a particular year. Up until today, 2017 was one such empty year. In my search for a song for this year, puts this song at number 5 for the best 50 …

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Day 324: There’s your trouble, Dixie Chicks

Covid Island Discs the missing years 1998. So this song by the Dixie chicks back then they were known as “The Chicks” was released in 1998 so fills in on of my missing years. A nicely put together Country & Western song complete with a violin and a catchy boppy tune.

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