Week 50

27th February — 5th of March 2021

Day 349: Cheap Wine, Cold Chisel

Another song from the Aussie band Cold Chisel is well overdue. Once again this band nicely captures the slightly melancholic existence of most blokes who have reached middle age and have experienced at least a few life knocks. Probably the most poignant lines in this song are: had a friend, heard she diedOn a needle …

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Day 348: Real Men, Joe Jackson

This song is long overdue for Covid Island Discs. A song which is particularly relevant if you grew up in a place like Sydney in the 1970s. Certainly, in those days, the definition of what was acceptable, in terms of being an Australian male, was extremely narrow. Fascinatingly, the strong homophobia that was present in …

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Day 347: Goodnight Siagon, Billy Joel

So yesterday I posted my first Doors hit “Riders on the Storm”. Today’s song, “Goodnight Siagon” by Billy Joel mentions the Doors in its lyric: “We passed the hash pipe and played our Doors tapes and it was dark so dark at night.” Another song about the terrible human cost of the Vietnam war.

Day 346: Riders on the Storm, The Doors

Wow can’t believe I got all the way to day 346 without a Doors song. I guess this is probably one of their most famous singles. Citing a Doors classic reminds me of a Billy Joel Classic which will be the subject of tomorrow’s Covid Island Disc.

Day 345: She moves in her own way, The Kooks

Returning to English music to finish Covid Island discs week 48. This is a little number by the indie band the Kooks. After hearing this song I bought the album. I do like the Kooks and Luke Pritchard’s accent gives the band a unique sound. Not entirely sure the accent is a genuine Northern one

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