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Day 390: Tiny Dancer, Elton John

This song always reminds me of the most amazing Elton John concert I attended with a good friend all the way back in 1986. This was a really special concert where Elton teamed up with the Melbourne Symphonic Orchestra. One... View Article

Day 389: Angie, The Rolling Stones

So far I have only cited one song from the Rolling Stones as I’m not a great fan of their music. However, my daughter was watching a seventies hits cable TV channel and the Stone’s classic song “Angie” came on.... View Article

Day 388: As Lights Fall, Alan Parsons

So this is a song that was released by Alan Parsons after 15 years of musical silence. The video of this song is also really worth watching because it really is in some ways Parson’s musical autobiography. I watched this... View Article

Day 387: The Year of the Cat, Al Stewart

As I have often observed while doing Covid Island Discs, it is amazing that even after over a year of citing songs, I suddenly remember a super rock classic that I have forgotten to include. I only remember this one... View Article

Day 386: Dreams, The Cranberries

What better way to open week 56 with a song from the Cranberries. I still feel a little sadness that Delores is no longer with us. Like Kate Bush, she had quite a unique a instantly recognisable voice.