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Day 399: You make loving fun, Fleetwood Mac

Time to end the week with this classic from Fleetwood Mac. This song of course is one of their classics from their most famous album rumours. It is kind of an oddly appropriate title given the personal shenanigans that were... View Article

Day 398: I won’t hold you back, Toto

Time to change from yesterday’s heavy rock guitar of Jimi Hendrix to this pretty little number from Toto. This song was on their Toto IV album which had their two classic hits Rosanna and Africa. However, I think this song... View Article

Day 397: Voodoo Child, Jimi Hendrix

So I’ll admit that Jimi Hendrix is not my favourite artist but here is one of his classics which demonstrates some of his guitaring skill. If you like electric guitar, you’re going to love this one. This video is quite... View Article

Day 396: Summertime, Janis Joplin

OK so yesterday I shared a song by Nirvana and mentioned a list of rock stars who all sadly passed away at the age of 27. Over the next few days I shall post a song from each of them.... View Article

Day 395: Lithium, Nirvana

So recently I posted a song by Evanescence titled Lithium. This song is completely different to the Nivana’s classic by the same name. It is kind of interesting that the humble drug lithium get’s so much attention from rock stars.... View Article

Day 393: Death Defying, Hoodoo Gurus

The dark theme of Lana Del Rey’s song Chemtrails over the country club reminded me of this Aussie classic by Hoodoo Gurus. A really rocky song with the rather dark chorus: “All my friends are dead or they’re dying and... View Article