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Day 447: Alabama, Neil Young

So this is one of Neil’s protest songs against the USA southern state racism. This song would lead Lynyrd Skynyrd to decry Young name in his most famous song Sweet Home Alabama (see tomorrow’s post).

Day 446: You’re no son of mine, Genesis

This song get’s my vote for its musical and lyrical intensity. A very moving song about a very sad subject of the permanent breakdown of a father and son’s relationship laced with permanent unforgiveness on the part of the father.

Day 445: Back in the USSR, The Beatles

So on Sunday I cited my first Beach Boys song California Girls. That song stimulated the Beatles to include a little bit of beachboy-style musing over lovely Russian woman.

Day 444: Wild world, Cat Stevens

This is one of Cat Stevens’ classic and he introduces the song saying it is really addressed at himself. I think most of us once we reach adulthood realise that this world is pretty wild and not always in a... View Article

Day 442: Close to You, The Carpenters

Covid Island Discs is finally drawing to a close. In theory the last of the Covid-19 restrictions in the UK will be removed on the 21st of June 2021. Whether we will stay out of restrictions beyond the 21st is... View Article