Week 65

12th — 18th June 2021

Day 453: Babaji, Supertramp

A final song from Supertramp as Covid Island Discs draws to a close. Another intense song from a band that for me is like an old friend – their music brings me much joy and comfort.

Day 452: The one I love, REM

Well this is the 4th last song of Covid Island Discs. In the final 4 songs I shall return to my favourite bands that have brought me the most listening pleasure over the years. REM certainly is up there with my all time favourites and this song is one of their all time classics. This …

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Day 450: Parklife, Blur

This has to be one of the most English bands of all time. Their accents are just so distinctive with their “Lundeners”-type shrill. Like Madness, this band produces songs with a comical feel to them. Realistically Blur should have made an appearance on Covid Island Discs before the final week.

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