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Day 474: Forever Now, Cold Chisel

Another classic from the Aussie band Cold Chisel. Unfortunately the audio quality on this video isn’t great but the song is well worth listening to if you have not heard it before.

Day 425: My baby, Cold Chisel

Time for some more Aussie music I feel. This is another classic from Cold Chisel and the video is well worth taking the time to watch. Some great footage of 70s Sydney chicks 😍 and a great sax solo to... View Article

Day 349: Cheap Wine, Cold Chisel

Another song from the Aussie band Cold Chisel is well overdue. Once again this band nicely captures the slightly melancholic existence of most blokes who have reached middle age and have experienced at least a few life knocks. Probably the... View Article

Day 27: Khe Sanh, Cold Chisel

Another great Australian band. This song captures the real sadness of the wondering spirit who is yet to find its home. “I’ve been back to South East Asia, but the answer sure ain’t there.”“Well the last plane out of Sydney... View Article