Elton John

Day 254: Rocket Man, Elton John

Another song from the piano man, Rocket Man. This is such a great version of this wonderful song when the young Elton John still had his voice. The piano in this video is also just wonderful.

Day 228: In the end nobody wins, Elton John

This song always reminds me of my parents marriage which was far from happy. Yet somehow despite all the fights breakups and tears they somehow stayed together until the end of their lives.

Day 197: Your Song by Elton John

Yep time for some more Elton John. I think this is one of his most prettiest songs and this clip is recorded before his voice was destroyed by singer’s node in the 80s.

Day 135: Pinball Wizard

OK so yesterday I mentioned the song the pinball wizard which in the musical Tommy was performed by Elton John (see yesterday’s post). However, this is the Who’s version of the same song with Roger Daltrey singing. Of course in the musical Tommy (where this song comes from) Roger Daltrey plays Tommy the pinball wizard …

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Day 134: Daniel, Elton John

Time for some more Elton John. This song reminds me of a holiday we had when I was about 5 years old at the Hydro Majestic in the Blue mountains, Australia. In that hotel there was a jukebox and this was one of the songs that you could select. My brother Mark and I used …

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Day 5: Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding, Elton John

From one piano man to another. His voice is shot after singer nodes in the 80s but boy this is still a good arrangement of this timeless classic. Really worth watching to the very end as the piano and guitar playing get pretty intense.

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