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Day 361: Hammer Horror, Kate Bush

Countdown to the year anniversary of Covid Island Discs T -6 So this song was a hit from Kate Bush’s album Lionheart. Is is a particularly intense and musically dramatic song and the accompanying video has all the Kate Bush... View Article

Day 289: Babooshka, Kate Bush

Another classic from Kate Bush. I remember when this song was released as the radio track for her “Never for Ever” album. Certainly this song tells an interesting story of a woman “who wanted to test her husband’s fidelity”. The... View Article

Day 220: Blow away, Kate Bush

And here is the song I wrote about yesterday when I posted the one of Sandy Denny’s works. A song about what happens when one sheds this mortal coil. Sadly I cannot find a live version of this song so... View Article

Day 201: Wuthering Heights, Kate Bush

This week I am returning to what I would call my musical centre. There are few people and groups that really dominate my collection and Kate definitely is in there. This really was the song that launched her long and... View Article

Day 111: This woman’s work, Kate Bush

A set of songs from great female artists would not be complete without another song from Kate Bush. This song is from an older Kate Bush but once again has her beautiful voice to give this song a hauntingly sad... View Article

Day 6: Wow by Kate Bush

I was a clumsy child. My life nearly ended as a toddler when I fell into a swimming pool and all but drowned to the point of being clinically dead. Then in 1978 I managed to get hit by a... View Article