Pink Floyd

Day 173: The final Cut, Pink Floyd

In the 80s Pink Floyd released what was then to be their last album entitled “The Final Cut”. This represent the point where Roger Waters left the band. Some years later the remaining members of Pink Floyd released another album suitably titled “A Momentary lapse of Reason”. However, “the final cut” is more Roger Waters …

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Day 125: Money, Pink Floyd

Staying on Shania’s money theme, I wonder if she got the start of her Ka-ching song from this all time Pink Floyd classic?

Day 50 (album cover 5 of 10): Wish you were here, Pink Floyd

What an amazing album cover and appropriate song for day 50 of this long shutdown. I bought a 12 string just so I could play this piece when I was a young and foolish 20 something year old. I’m sure a lot of us can relate to this song now more than ever.

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