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Day 312: Paranoid Eyes, Pink Floyd

So yesterday, I posted a song by Panic at the Disco called High Hopes. Both the video and the lyrics of this song suggest a positive story of a young man who has high hopes for his life and indeed... View Article

Day 199: On the turning away, Pink Floyd

So last week I posted a song from Pink Floyd’s album a momentary lapse of reason called learning to fly. This song is from the same album which was published after Roger Waters left the band. I was very fortunate... View Article

Day 196: Learning to fly, Pink Floyd

This song is from Pink Floyd post Roger Waters. It comes from their Momentary lapse of reason album which I really think is a brilliant album and showed that the band was still able to produce rock and roll classics... View Article

Day 173: The final Cut, Pink Floyd

In the 80s Pink Floyd released what was then to be their last album entitled “The Final Cut”. This represent the point where Roger Waters left the band. Some years later the remaining members of Pink Floyd released another album... View Article

Day 125: Money, Pink Floyd

Staying on Shania’s money theme, I wonder if she got the start of her Ka-ching song from this all time Pink Floyd classic?

Day 112: Comfortably Numb, Pink Floyd

Let’s give the boys a turn. Wow this song is amazing and captures at least one of the reactions one can have against the modern world: “I have become comfortably numb”. Enjoy the amazing electric guitar at the end which... View Article