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Day 445: Back in the USSR, The Beatles

So on Sunday I cited my first Beach Boys song California Girls. That song stimulated the Beatles to include a little bit of beachboy-style musing over lovely Russian woman.

Day 367: Penny Lane, The Beatles

Covid Island Discs Covid Island new year’s Day So what mega band do I open up the second year of Covid Island Discs (hopefully the UK lockdown won’t last for two years)? Well surely it has to be arguably the... View Article

Day 257: Revolution, The Beatles

This is the grunge version of the famous song that appears on the White album. Actually there is a surprising number of Beatles videos on the internet given they really didn’t do many public appearances post about 1965. Truly I... View Article

Day 235: Paperback writer

Always enjoy finding Beatles videos on Youtube because there aren’t many of them. I guess I can relate to this song as I too have written a paperback although its not really “a dirty story about a dirty man” ????

Day 177: Hey Jude, The Beatles

From John Lennon back to the Beatles. I guess only a band is great as them could get away with such a long lead out in a rock song. The blurb under this Youtube video clip is an interesting read... View Article

Day 95: Don’t let me down, The Beatles

Let’s stay in the 60s for a little longer. This is getting towards the end of the Beatles career as judged by Paul McCartney’s beard. What a great little clip to find on Youtube. Love the guys in the background... View Article

Day 8: Twist and Shout, The Beatles.

So firstly I am late because we are redecorating Grace’s room. Took the radiator off and then over the day noticed a slow leak. The washer on the pipe had failed. Long story shot, had to drain the central heating... View Article