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Day 409: Yahweh, U2

As a Christian of some 50 years I can relate to this song. Sadly life is not easy for anyone and sometimes it is so hard to make sense of the odd reality in which we all find ourselves.

Day 325: Lights of Home, U2

Wow! So at the moment I am filling in missing years where I have no song in Covid Island discs that were published for a particular year. Up until today, 2017 was one such empty year. In my search for... View Article

Day 288: Peace on earth, U2

Following on from yesterday’s song from U2 for New year’s day this one from U2 also covers the Christmas season. A song by a band from a land that saw way too much conflict in the 20th century. Sadly the... View Article

Day 40: Forty by U2

OK as we hit the day 40 milestone thought I might as well take a break from my one hit wonders theme and share something fitting for today. “This is forty sing it with me……How long to sing this song?“