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It is midsummer in the year 2038 and snowing in London. James Frankham is a young talented civil servant who is on the fast track to success. Yet like so many others, James is deceived. His wrong beliefs about reality could cost him dearly as his competitor, Ian Marias, now has leverage over his colleague in relation to a major mistake James has made. The mistake involves a project to protect London from flooding due to global heating.

Meanwhile in Hell, the great demon Wormwood is about to take to a podium to deliver his lessons to the junior demons on how to create the many false narratives that pervade the 21st century. Wormwood has learnt well from his Uncle who once sent him a series of letters which were intercepted by another human, C.S Lewis, in the 1940s.

Yet as with all presentations in Hell, there must be a human case study. The case study this year is James Frankham and Fiona Jenkins. Fiona’s soul belongs to Wormwood’s eternal Enemy, God. Fiona is a Christian. It is time to see if Fiona’s soul can be won over as James’ assigned demon, Saleos, gambles Frankham’s soul for hers.  An audacious move that, if successful, is sure to win the support of his leader and increase his demonic status proving that he is indeed Wormwood’s equal. If you would like to give any feedback on the book please do feel free to use the feedback from in the product description tab below.

The Wormwood Deceptions is a continuation of C.S Lewis’s Screwtape letters. The novel covers many topics that are a challenge to the modern-day church. In this story, Wormwood has become a powerful demon in hell who is no longer in charge of tempting individual humans but rather controls the false narratives that currently pervade modern 21st century society.

The book focuses on an unfolding drama that involves a young Civil Servant called James Frankham. As this story unfolds on earth, there are parallel chapters where Wormwood is explaining to more junior demons how he has created powerful deceptions to entrap as many people as he can for the Night Spirit’s (the title the demons use for Satan) kingdom.

Some of the deceptions covered by Wormwood include left/right wing politics, human sexuality, scientism, atheism and Evangelical pharisaism. The book also indirectly covers other topics such as suffering.

The Appendix is mainly there for scientists as it gets to the heart of a foundational mathematical argument which is key to New Atheism. If you would like to give me any feedback on the book please do so using the feedback form below.


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