Day 310: Boy named Sue, Johnny Cash

So I was listening to Radio 2 this morning and this song came on airwaves. It put a smile on my face and brought back memories of my early childhood. While the song is humorous, it also is a good example of a wordsmith’s craft. That wordsmith was actually a man called Shel Silverstein.

Day 135: Pinball Wizard

OK so yesterday I mentioned the song the pinball wizard which in the musical Tommy was performed by Elton John (see yesterday’s post). However, this is the Who’s version of the same song with Roger Daltrey singing. Of course in the musical Tommy (where this song comes from) Roger Daltrey plays Tommy the pinball wizard …

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Day 71: Bad Moon Rising, Creedence Clearwater Revival

So before I return to my 21st century music theme, yesterday I posted a video animation under the title “Bad Moon Rising” which showed what the moon would like from earth if it was the same distance as the international space station . This song where I got that phrase from.

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