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Day 477: Woodstock, Joni Mitchell

Well this was a youtube find. This was the first performance of Joni Mitchell’s Woodstock by the artist herself. This was recorded a few weeks after Woodstock in 1969. It never ceases to amaze me how this 3 day rock... View Article

Day 396: Summertime, Janis Joplin

OK so yesterday I shared a song by Nirvana and mentioned a list of rock stars who all sadly passed away at the age of 27. Over the next few days I shall post a song from each of them.... View Article

Day 310: Boy named Sue, Johnny Cash

So I was listening to Radio 2 this morning and this song came on airwaves. It put a smile on my face and brought back memories of my early childhood. While the song is humorous, it also is a good... View Article

Day 135: Pinball Wizard

OK so yesterday I mentioned the song the pinball wizard which in the musical Tommy was performed by Elton John (see yesterday’s post). However, this is the Who’s version of the same song with Roger Daltrey singing. Of course in... View Article

Day 95: Don’t let me down, The Beatles

Let’s stay in the 60s for a little longer. This is getting towards the end of the Beatles career as judged by Paul McCartney’s beard. What a great little clip to find on Youtube. Love the guys in the background... View Article