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Day 461: Night Moves, Bob Seger

This is another classic song from Bob Seger capturing the waywardness of love when one is a teenage twenty something or other.

Day 387: The Year of the Cat, Al Stewart

As I have often observed while doing Covid Island Discs, it is amazing that even after over a year of citing songs, I suddenly remember a super rock classic that I have forgotten to include. I only remember this one... View Article

Day 356: If you leave me now, Chicago

Time for a soppy love song. This song is pretty and dominated the airwaves when it was first released in 1976. It reminds me very much of the Max Merritt classic Slipping Away which I have already cited on Covid... View Article

Day 259: Rockaria, Electric Light Orchestra

A great song by ELO which really shows their full synthesis of rock with classical music. Sadly the sound quality of this official video is surprisingly poor but I guess this is because it was made in 1976.

Day 154: Knowing me, knowing you, Abba

In the original Covid Island Discs that I published on Facebook, I ended the series at week 11 with the Abba song “thank you for the music” which summarises how I feel about this amazing gift God has given us.... View Article