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Day 425: My baby, Cold Chisel

Time for some more Aussie music I feel. This is another classic from Cold Chisel and the video is well worth taking the time to watch. Some great footage of 70s Sydney chicks 😍 and a great sax solo to... View Article

Day 349: Cheap Wine, Cold Chisel

Another song from the Aussie band Cold Chisel is well overdue. Once again this band nicely captures the slightly melancholic existence of most blokes who have reached middle age and have experienced at least a few life knocks. Probably the... View Article

Day 289: Babooshka, Kate Bush

Another classic from Kate Bush. I remember when this song was released as the radio track for her “Never for Ever” album. Certainly this song tells an interesting story of a woman “who wanted to test her husband’s fidelity”. The... View Article

Day 260: Whip It, Devo

Crazy band of the 80s. They have already appeared once in Covid Island Discs. This is their second appearance. Not sure why they have flow pots on their heads ????.

Day 220: Blow away, Kate Bush

And here is the song I wrote about yesterday when I posted the one of Sandy Denny’s works. A song about what happens when one sheds this mortal coil. Sadly I cannot find a live version of this song so... View Article

Day 187: Love will tear us apart, Joy Division

Yesterday I shared a hit by the band the cure. The cure and Joy division often played gigs together with Joy Division opening their concerts. Of course Joy Division’s music is anything but joyful and one of their founding members,... View Article

Day 102: One day more, Les Misérables

I fell in love with this musical in my twenties when I first saw a performance of it out doors in Sydney. It even stimulated me to read Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables which is a very loooong book and is... View Article